System houses the following sections:

  • Users
  • Domains
  • Logs
  • Views
  • Registry


Users shows a list of all the users added to your site, once a user is added they are then able to log into LayerSync.

The users are displayed in a clear list, you can add, edit and remove users from this list.

Within users you can edit your password from the randomly generated password we will supply to you when it is time for you to login for the first time - then you can add users as you require.


Domains shows a list of all the domains that are active on your site along with their language.

This page is for reference, if you want to add another domain please let us know.


Logs is an ongoing list of all actions/changes taking place on the site. This included changes to pages updating articles, error messages, adding navigation items, successful logins etc. If an action takes place on the site it can be found here.

These logs are displayed in a list detailing the Log (which says what has happened), the Type, the IP address from which it has taken place and the timestamp. The list features a search bar to make it easy to search for any specific logs.


Views as previously mentioned are determined at the design stage. There could be multiple views of a given layer - a great example of this is a text + image section that you want to display image left, text right on one occasion and you wish to display the reverse of that on another occasion.

As these views are already coded at the design stage, it is within this views list that these view variants of layers are stored to work with LayerSync.

All views added to the website are stored in a concise list, this is not something as the user that you would need to edit - if you required a new view of a given layer you would contact us to sort this.


LayerSync System Registry is a database that stores low-level settings for the correct functioning of different features, integrations and dependencies that opt to use the registry. In other words, it's a collection of information, settings, options and other values for different components of the platform.

This interface is designed to facilitate advanced users and conduct debugging. The registry is a tool that can be used to fix problems but it can also cause severe problems. Proceed with caution - this is not a section we advise changing.

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