File Management


File management is one of the most important sections of LayerSync because most other layers will require some sort of file added in order for them to work - for example a text + image layer needs an image to be uploaded before that image can be selected for use. This image would be uploaded here in file management.

File Management is split into the following sections:

  • Manage
  • Upload


Manage is where all the files you have uploaded can be found. The CMS automatically generates a thumbnail (smaller size version of the image uploaded), with its own File Title. The File Title should be used to easily identify your uploaded files, not as its file name, a unique File Name is generated for this.

To use an uploaded image/file within a page, its URI can be copied to clipboard by pressing the Copy URI button.

Uploaded files can be opened and archived.

Uploaded files can be filtered by uploaded filename, CMS generated filename, upload date - the search bar can be used to search for all filtered including the previous, along with file type eg. .jpg.

Accepted File Formats

  • Image (jpg, jpeg, png, svg, ico)
  • Application (pdf, rar, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, odp, ods, odt, doc, docx, csv)


Upload is where you can upload all files you wish to use in your site, once they have been uploaded here they can be found in manage and within sections where you need to select images e.g. text + image layers.

You can upload files by dragging and dropping, or by clicking the upload icon and selecting from your computer.

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