Page Management


Page management is the section of LayerSync that houses all features which are page related. Here you can find your sites navigation and page list, these are housed in the following subsections:

  • Navigation
  • Pages

Within these subsections you can alter your websites navigation and pages however you wish, whether that be adding, editing or removing items from these respective subsections.

Within the navigation subsection you will be taken to a page where you can see a list view of all the navigations that are in use on your website.

Each navigation is automatically assigned an ID by the CMS when created, its chosen name is also displayed in this list. Navigations can also be edited and deleted from this list view. Help tips are available on the right side of the LayerSync menu to guide you through how to create, edit and delete navigations

Editing Navigations

When editing a navigation, you will be taken to the edit page, here you can see all the items that are added to that given navigation, along with a clear visual representation of the hierarchy of the items.

We can distinguish three types of navigation items - Pages, Links and Code Snippets.


Adding a page as a navigation item will automatically link it to the corresponding page. If you ever change the URL of the page, the navigation item will also be updated with the new URI.


Adding a link as a navigation item creates a hyperlink to any specified location and allows to define all the attributes of the HTML anchor element. This is useful in case you want to open the link in a new tab or add a link to an external page.

Code Snippets

Adding a code snippet as a navigation item allows you to inject any code in place of the navigation item.

Once added they will then appear in the navigation on your site. You can also edit the navigation name here, this name is only for your reference, usually it will not be displayed.

In addition to this the user can easily reorder the navigation, using the Drag and Drop tool - this simply allows you to press the Drag and Drop icon and move items with the mouse, they can also be dragged within navigation items to create sub navigations.


In the pages subsection you will be taken to a page list of all the pages added to your site. Here you can preview, edit and delete pages. Each page is assigned an ID by the CMS. The ID, Title, URI (note - we are going to add more details on uri at some point, maybe a vocab page) and Creation Date are all added to the page list, you can use the search bar at the top to search via any of these parameters for a particular page.

Editing Pages

When editing a page you will be taken to a new view. In this view all the layers that are in use within a given page are displayed.

Here you can reorder these layers using the Drag and Drop tool, this will then alter the order in which they display on your site. Available layers to add are displayed in dropdowns on the right hand side of the page, when added from the dropdown they will then appear in the list for you to arrange in the order you wish. Individual page Metadata and URI can be edited here.

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